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I am a professional freelance translator with over 40 years of experience in translation and localization in my language combinations and in different fields. I began my journey as an interpreter and translator but, over the years, translation has proven to be more in keeping with my chords and my passion for the languages I studied. Translating is a dream to which I have tried to give, even if only partially, a form in reality. From Romanian to English, then to French, passing through Italian and sampling German. I am still very grateful to my professors to this day. Continuing education has always been an ongoing commitment for me.

I have a bachelor's degree in Political Science and International Relations. I help companies and professionals communicate better through my cross-disciplinary training and experience in various fields. In addition to being a professional freelance translator, I am also a marketing and communication consultant, Incoming travel designer and Technical director of Travel and tourism agency, involved in incoming tourism that enhances the made in Italy.

Commitment, accuracy, competence, professionalism and creativity.


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Advertising and Public Relations, Marketing and Market Research, Contracts, Food, Printing and Publishing, Media and Multimedia, Manufacturing, Industrial, Automation and Robotics, Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering, Measuring Instrumentation, Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Engineering (general), Magnetization, Home Appliances, Manuals, Transportation and General Navigation, Health Care System, Journalism, Cosmetics, Wellness, Photography, Images and Graphic Arts, Poetry and Prose, Sports, Physical Activity, Textiles, Clothing, Fashion, Business Management, Legal (general), Art, Applied Arts, Painting, Business and Commerce (general), Certificates, Diplomas, Licenses, Conversations, Greetings, Letters, Internet, Websites, App, e-Commerce, SEO, Travel and Tourism.

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A well-spoken thing retains its flavor in all languages.

- John Dryden -