Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the optimization of a web site, an activity that improves the quality of the web site by providing information and making it as responsive as possible to searches by users and at the same time making the information relevant and real.

The decision to rely on an expert SEO is important for the success of a SEO project.

Their expertise can potentially improve your site and save you time, especially if you take into account all the aspects involved in a successful web project.

SEO consulting is useful from the moment you choose the future site domain and continues with web design and the development of its content.



What can I do for you?

The essential elements of effective SEO are effective communication, useful information, quality backlinks, and a true gauge of the popularity of the website. The elements that I take into account are:

 analysis of HTML code

 speed of the web site

 link building and backlinks

 content analysis

 content development

 optimizing pages and titles

 plugin optimization

 keyword research

 competition analysis

 structure of the site