• Leverage Micro Conversions to Close Sales 22 March 2018
    Most visitors to an online store aren’t ready to buy. That’s where micro conversions come into play. They help build the excitement and trust that shoppers need to make a purchase. Micro conversions are smaller actions that indicate a visitor’s interest in what you sell or have to say. The post Leverage Micro Conversions to Close Sales appeared first on Prac […]
  • Fulfillment Requirements of Retailer-owned Marketplaces 21 March 2018
    There are many marketplace options other than Amazon for merchants. We all know about eBay. Big retailers such Walmart, Costco, Home Depot, Best Buy, Nordstrom, and Dick’s Sporting Goods offer marketplaces, too. In this post, I'll address fulfillment requirements of retailer-owned marketplaces The post Fulfillment Requirements of Retailer-owned Marketpl […]
  • 10 Ways That Artificial Intelligence Helps Merchants 21 March 2018
    The term "artificial intelligence" refers to software that learns from experience. It mimics the human mind in that it changes responses based on data.  Self-driving cars and voice-enabled devices, such as Alexa, rely on artificial intelligence. Retail businesses can also benefit. In this post, I'll list 10 use cases of how artificial intellig […]
  • How Does Your Email Marketing Program Stack Up? 20 March 2018
    Email is the workhorse of direct marketing. The basics have remained consistent for years. Best practices from 10 years ago are still relevant. But email marketing is evolving. Segmentation, personalization, mobile: ... The post How Does Your Email Marketing Program Stack Up? appeared first on Practical Ecommerce.
  • 6 Plugins to Automate a WooCommerce Store 20 March 2018
    There is so much to manage with an ecommerce store. You need to maintain adequate stock. You have customer issues, server and hosting issues, and software bugs. A store owner should focus on the big picture items, not managing every detail. In this post, I'll address six WooCommerce plugins that can automate details of your store management The post 6 P […]