• New Sales Tax Law Targets Marketplaces 21 January 2018
    Sales tax calculation, collection, and remittance remain a challenge for ecommerce businesses. The state of Washington, for example, recently began enforcement of regulations that require marketplaces with a physical presence in Washington (or annual sales to residents of at least $10,000) to collect on behalf of third party sellers who utilize the marketpla […]
  • SEO: Google to Make Mobile Speed a Ranking Factor 19 January 2018
    If you weren’t already focused on your mobile site’s performance, Google is giving you a reason. In July of 2018, Google will use a new ranking signal focused purely on mobile site speed: the “Speed Update.” Google will dampen rankings for slower mobile sites to help mobile searchers find sites that deliver what Google considers to be a better mobile experie […]
  • 4 Common Methods to Personalize Email Marketing 18 January 2018
    Personalizing an email marketing program can greatly increase opens and clicks. But a quick look at my inbox reveals that very few retailers are doing it effectively. Much of the success of any marketing effort can be boiled down to making the message relevant to individuals. In this post, I'll review four common methods to personalize email, to encoura […]
  • What’s the True Value of a Conversion? 17 January 2018
    How you calculate the value of a conversion can have big implications for your marketing budget and your company's bottom line. Many marketers optimize their search campaigns, for example, by looking at the cost per conversion of a given keyword. For display or video campaigns, analyzing performance by the cost of conversion per ad or ad type is common. […]
  • How to Plan for the Death of a Business Owner 17 January 2018
    The combination of a busy travel schedule and the death of my mother has kept me from writing this column. But these have also given me time to reflect on my own preparedness for life's unforeseen events. With this post, my hope is that others can learn from my reflection and better protect their businesses and families The post How to Plan for the Deat […]